Crystal Energy Healing

Crystals and Gemstones have long been appreciated for their soothing powers. These affect the body through the seven chakras (or centers of energy). In the same way that colors are linked to chakras and can be used to restore harmony, crystals facilitate healing through vibrations of their colors and the power of their structure. Crystal structures can balance and transform subtle chakra energies.

Crystal healing is often used in combination with other therapies such as Reiki.

During a crystal Energy Healing session, two energies come into action: that of the stone and that of the healer. Stones and crystals carry the vibration from the earth. They are helpful to re-harmonize chakras and restore the balance between body, mind and spirit. They help us physically, psychologically and spiritually through the release of certain emotional blockages. Crystals have qualities that make them capable of resolving physical and psychic tensions. Placed at the level of the chakras (energy centers of the body) they have the power to relieve the organs to which they are naturally connected. Some calm, others stimulate, strengthen or create protection.

Crystal Healing Sessions

A healing session is about 60 minutes and will be combined with a full body Reiki energy healing. At the end of the session I will explain which stones I used and what their properties are. This can provide information about your Chakra energy centers, and will give you insight on how you can begin to heal yourself.

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