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Rich and Tangy Guajillo salsa

  I like making big batches of salsa and keeping them in my fridge, that way I’m prepared to conquer taco Tuesday each week. This salsa in particular is one of my favourites on tacos, enchiladas or even burrito bowls. It’s works perfectly with… Continue Reading “Rich and Tangy Guajillo salsa”

Ricotta And Tomato Tarts

Last Sunday I invited my whole family over for lunch. I love spending time with them, and lunch on Sunday is a fun leisurely activity we can all enjoy together, and lets be honest… anything that involves food is always a good time in… Continue Reading “Ricotta And Tomato Tarts”

Avocado pesto, shrimp and summer vegetable pasta.

Oh pasta! one of the staples in my house! Pasta is so simple to make, so much fun to eat and just so so sooooo DELICIOUS! ( can you tell I like pasta?). I like to switch up my sauces quite often, and now… Continue Reading “Avocado pesto, shrimp and summer vegetable pasta.”

General Tso Mushrooms

This weekend I was recipe testing a few meatless meals when I suddenly got the urge for General Tso chicken. The crispy, sweet and spicy chicken that everyone knows and loves on almost every Chinese takeout menu. Although I love a good cheat meal… Continue Reading “General Tso Mushrooms”

Recipes from Grove Wellness

Recipes from Grove Wellness

We’re just getting started with the blog, and plan to regularly share delicious and deeply nutritious recipes to help you on your journey to wellness. Keen to follow along? You can sign up to receive notifications of new blog posts right here (scroll down… Continue Reading “Recipes from Grove Wellness”