Thai Mango Salad

Last week I had the pleasure of sitting outside and having lunch. After a long, almost never ending winter, it was so nice to feel the warm(ish) air and feel the sun on my face again. Having lunch outside made me want to make a super refreshing, summery salad, and what is more summery than mangos? This salad is sweet, salty, tangy, herby and crunchy, all the main components you need in a delicious salad! The use of Thai basil, cilantro and mint together with the mangos is like a flavour explosion! This salad is perfect alone, but can also be served with any grilled meat, fish, veggies or tofu! Try it out and get yourself ready to taste a big bowl of summer! 
Ingredients for salad:
• 8 cups red leaf lettuce, chopped (or spring mix)
• 2 cups bean sprouts
• 2 cups mango, diced
• 1/4 cup cilantro leaves, roughly chopped
• 1/4 cup mint leaves, roughly chopped
• 1/4 cup Thai basil leaves, roughly chopped
Ingredients for dressing:
• 1/2 cup rice vinegar 
• 2 tbsp honey
• 1 tbsp sambal chili paste
• 1 tbsp soy
• 1/2 cup avocado oil 
• 1 tbsp sesame oil 
• Salt to taste
Ingredients for garnish
• 1/2 cup dry roasted cashews
• 4 scallions, thinly sliced
• 1/4 cup crispy garlic (optional)
• Begin by thoroughly washing your lettuce and herbs. In a large bowl place lettuce, chopped herbs and bean sprouts, set aside. 
• In a small mixing bowl, or mason jar, combine all ingredients for dressing. Mix or shake well to emulsify, make sure that the honey is fully dissolved. 
• Dress mangos with 2 tbsp of dressing, mixing well. Dress lettuce, herbs and sprouts lightly with dressing and mix well to combine. 
• In a large serving bowl, place dressed salad at the bottom and top with mangos, cashews, scallions and crispy garlic. Enjoy right away! 

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